November 4, 2015

Man arrested after he is caught burglarizing vehicle

A Key West man was arrested early Wednesday after he was seen by witnesses and by a deputy inside vehicles on Stock Island that did not belong to him.

Two witnesses say they saw 27 year old Dominic Ruby walking down Cross Street, talking to himself at 2:30 a.m. They said they watched as he entered a car and rummaged around inside. They confronted him and he ran away. They called the Sheriff’s Office and said they last saw him on 11th Avenue.

When Deputy David Lariz arrived in that area, he saw Ruby inside a white Dodge truck. He ordered Ruby to exit the truck. Ruby complied, but then ran away from Deputy Lariz, jumping a fence at a residential property on 11th Avenue. Deputy Lariz chased him and saw him trip and fall, then get up and jump a second fence into a yard on 10th Avenue. Key West Police Officers and Deputy Spencer Curry responded to help look for Ruby. They found Ruby’s sandals just over the first fence he’d jumped but did not find him.

A short time later, someone called Sheriff’s dispatchers. The caller was uncooperative, just saying he’d been robbed on 12th Avenue. He kept hanging up and calling back, refusing to meet with an officer in person. He finally agreed to speak with Deputy Curry over the phone. He agreed to meet with a Key West Police Officer at the Conch Town Bar in Key West. It turned out to be Ruby. He had numerous fresh injuries on his foot and both arms from running away from officers.

Ruby told the officers his back pack had been stolen and he wanted to know if anyone had found it. The back pack – embroidered on the back with the name “Dominic” – was located inside the white truck Ruby had been burglarizing when Deputy Lariz first spotted him.

Ruby finally admitted to his involvement in the vehicle burglaries. He said he did it to get money to buy pills. He was arrested. He was charged with burglary of a vehicle, trespassing in a vehicle, resisting arrest and loitering and prowling. He was taken to jail.

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