November 30, 2015

Woman and her boyfriend arrested for using another person’s debit card for their own gain

A Big Pine Key woman faces multiple fraud charges after she used an elderly man’s debit card to pay her own bills and make her own purchases without his permission.

The victim told Detective Diane Mimosa he found out all of his money was gone from his bank account in June of this year. He said in November of 2012, he moved to Big Pine Key with 37 year old Judy Obrien and her boyfriend, 46 year old Thomas “Tommie” Piatt. The victim said at that time he had over $44,000 in the bank. He said has difficulties writing, so he would have Judy write his rent checks and purchase food and other items at the store for him using his debit card.

A review of his finances by Detective Mimosa showed many purchases Obrien made for herself, including paying her own rent checks when she and her boyfriend moved out of his residence and into their own trailer. It also revealed purchases of airline tickets, online purchases, payment to a law firm and payment for probation restitution which the victim says were not for his benefit.

A review of Obrien’s finances shows deposits from the victim’s bank account to her bank account totaling $26,000 from October 2013 to March of 2015. She used the victim’s money to pay a lawyer, inmate services, probation fees and her own rent. Detective Mimosa’s investigation also showed her boyfriend, 51 year old Thomas Piatt, knew what was happening.

Obrien was arrested and charged with grand theft from an elderly person and 26 counts of forgery. Piatt was charged with grand theft from an elderly person. They were both booked into jail.

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