December 6, 2015

Inmate charged with aggravated battery

An inmate at the Monroe County Detention Center on Stock Island was charged with aggravated battery on his cellmate on Saturday afternoon.

The corrections deputy working in the cell block told Deputy Seth Hopp he heard cries for help coming from one of the cells at about 3 p.m. Saturday. When he approached the cell, he saw 30 year old Darvin Cano Murillo sitting on top of 61 year old David Reedy. Murillo had a mesh laundry bag wrapped around Reedy’s neck and was strangling him.

The deputy intervened in the attack and called for someone from the medical unit to respond to assist Reedy. Murillo told the officer he attacked his cellmate because he snored too loudly.

The victim said he was sleeping and woke to find the bag around his neck. He said he struggled with Murillo for several minutes before being able to call out for help.

Murillo was charged with aggravated battery. He has been in jail since May, when he was arrested for burglary of an occupied dwelling and criminal mischief. He broke into a Marathon home while a couple and their child were sleeping inside.

Reedy was arrested in January and is being held on a charge of violation of sex offender registration requirements. He was treated for his injuries at the medical unit of the detention center.

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