December 18, 2015

Man caught burglarizing vehicles on Little Torch Key

A Portland, Connecticut man was arrested after a resident who lives on Channel View Drive, Little Torch Key saw him attempting to burglarize vehicles around his house.

Deputy Donald Stulken was dispatched to Channel View Drive at 2:20 a.m. When he arrived he began searching for the suspect. As Deputy Stulken was searching, the witness called Sheriff’s communications officers back and said he saw the suspect walking underneath his house.

Deputy Juan Martin-Reyes arrived as a backup officer and spotted 38 year old Christopher Radman. Radman  was identified by the witness as the man he saw trying to enter multiple cars in the neighborhood.

Radman’s pockets were full of small items, including an expensive designer watch and a diamond engagement ring, as well as lots of small change, an Iphone, and a disposable camera.

After speaking to people who live in the area, as well as the witness who saw Radman committing the crimes, Radman was charged with one count of vehicle burglary and five counts of attempted vehicle burglary.  Detectives are following up today and more charges are expected.

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  1. Thanks to my neighbor's quick thinking and the quick response of the deputies one criminal is off the streets and our valuables were recovered.