January 22, 2016

Detectives arrest suspect in school bomb threat case

This morning, Sheriff’s detectives arrested a 15 year old girl for her part in false bomb threats called in to Key West High School and Marathon High School in December.

Charlynn Marrero, whose family lives on Long Key, was arrested at Marathon High School as school was starting. She is a student at the school. She stands accused of assisting another person in calling in a bomb threat at the school December 14th. The first threat call made to Key West High School was made in error; the caller mistakenly thought Marrero went to that school. After that call was made, Marrero sent the caller a map and contact information for her school after which the second treat call to Marathon High was made.

Both schools were evacuated for several hours, and school was finally canceled for the day at Key West High School as officers searched the campuses for explosive devices. None were located. Extensive manpower and time was expended during the course of investigating the threats.

“Bomb threats are no joke and we take them very seriously,” said Sheriff Rick Ramsay. “These threats took a lot of time, a lot of people and a lot of resources to investigate. They also caused a great amount of fear for parents and school staff. Our detectives have worked hard on this investigation and we will continue to work toward identifying and arresting the second suspect in this case.”

Marrero and a friend approached School Resource Deputy Derick Velez on December 15th and told him an acquaintance of Marrero had made the bomb threat. Marrero told a number of different stories about how she met the male subject who called in the threat. At one point she said she went to school with him in another county which turned out not to be true. She also deleted a number of text messages between her and the other suspect, lying to detectives about the extent of her contact with him. Detectives eventually discovered through extensive investigation she’d met him on-line and they’d never met in person.

Investigations into his identity are continuing.

Marrero is charged with making a false report of a bomb, obstruction in a criminal investigation, tampering with evidence and use of a two way communications device to commit a felony crime.


  1. charlynn is innocent stop all this. the police department and the judges have to evidence she did any of these crimes.

  2. all this information is false because,first of all how could she call in this bomb threat because you can tell its a males voice, and she has multiple resources of proof that she was in her class room, and there was no way she could of called that threat in. Second off its illegal to put her information on knowing shes a minor and she was not proven guilty or innocent. yes she did mess up by lying to the cops but you cant blame her she was put into a situation shes never been in with cops and detectives around her. She deleted a number of text messages before she even thought about talking to you guys, she isn't tampering with evidence she simply does what every teenager does, delete messages. There was no use of a too way communication because she didn't know this was going to happen, she doesn't stand accused of anything, also its highly illegal to put her public information out for everyone to read.