February 8, 2016

App update available

For those of you who have our Monroe County Sheriff's Office Smartphone App, there is a new update available. It repairs a problem we have been having with IPhones not receiving our push notifications properly.

In order to benefit from this fix, please download the new update as soon as possible. If you have an older IPhone - an IPhone 4 or 5 - you will have to uninstall the app and reinstall it.Once you do this, you should once again begin receiving our notifications on your phone.

Thank you for your patience. Please share this information with others who may have the app.

For those of you who do not have our app and with to download it, search the Google Play store or the Apple Store for "Monroe County Sheriff's Office". We use our notifications to let you know when there are major accidents on the highway or other issues which might cause extended delays in traffic. The app also features our live Calls for Service, Arrests / Mug Shots, a list of Sexual Offenders and their locations and much more.

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