February 4, 2016

Deputy, FWC help deer escape from tree

(Note: This report is a bit delayed, but still a good one.)

A deputy on patrol on Big Pine Key in January helped a Key Deer stuck in a tree to escape.

Sheriff’s dispatchers received a call from a woman who said a small Key Deer was stuck in the fork of a tree. She said it looked like the deer tried to jump through and got stuck.

Deputy Dyllon Hansen responded to East Sandy Circle where he found the stuck Key Deer. According to the deputy, he and a Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officer attempted to pull the deer out, pick him up, move him around, but the deer remained stuck. They called for more FWC officers to assist and when they arrived, the deer became so agitated at the number of people around, he finally got himself out of his predicament, struggling out of the tree himself.

The FWC officers, who deal with local wildlife on a regular basis, told Deputy Hansen they’d never seen a deer stuck in a tree before. 

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