February 1, 2016

Woman arrested for misusing 911

A Marathon woman was arrested after she repeatedly called 911 for non-emergency reasons.

51 year old Melodie Aycox called 911 repeatedly on Friday just before noon to complain that she could not buy a bus ticket, then to complain that a deputy refused to give her a ride to the bus stop.

Deputy Matthew O’Neill first met with her at the Marathon Visitor’s Center and explained to her repeatedly that she was misusing 911 and should only call the number for emergencies. He gave her the non-emergency number and tried to help her with her efforts to purchase a bus ticket. He finally explained to her where the nearby bus stop was to catch a bus to Miami.

Aycox berated him repeatedly, yelling and swearing at him. She called 911 numerous times and claimed her glasses were broken and she could not see, although the deputy could plainly see the glasses were not broken. She claimed to be blind, although at that time she had managed to cross the road on her own with no problems. She claimed she could not walk to the bus stop, although  she had already walked past one bus stop and was approaching another.

He gave her a final warning, telling her she would be taken to jail. She said “take me to jail” and continued to yell at him and berate him, so he finally placed her under arrest and took her to jail, charged with misuse of the 911 system.

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