March 9, 2016

Kitchen worker charged with introducing contraband to jail facility

A contract worker at the Stock Island Detention Center has been arrested. She is charged with sending letters to an inmate being held in the facility, which constitutes introducing contraband to the facility, a third degree felony crime.

A sergeant at the jail received information in early March that a male inmate, 34 year old Daniel Rodriguez, was receiving letters and photos from the Aramark Food Service Director, 43 year old Donna Launer. The two had reportedly developed a relationship while he was working as an inmate trusty in the kitchen at the jail. He said they “expressed feelings” for each other and “kissed and rubbed” each other but never had sexual relations. After Rodriguez was removed from kitchen duty, Launer began writing him letters and sending the photos. The letters and photos were delivered to Rodriguez by another inmate, 20 year old Kristofer Jovany Lluis. According to reports on the case, the letters included sexually explicit content, but the photos did not.

Both Launder and Lluis were charged with introduction of contraband to a jail facility. Both of them were booked on the charges.

Lluis was in jail after being arrested in April of 2014 for multiple counts of burglary, grand theft and criminal mischief including many marine related thefts in the Upper Keys. Rodriguez was arrested in July of 2015 and is in jail for burglary, grand theft and multiple fraud charges.

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