April 1, 2016

Pawn shops in compliance, Lower Keys

Lower Keys sheriff’s detectives and the KWPD Criminal investigative unit work together to conduct quarterly pawn shop inspections to ensure compliance with state laws. The most recent inspection took place on March 30, 2016.  There were no violations found.

Detectives inspected each business for the following:

1.      Current emergency contact information, scale inspection sticker (precious metal weighing), business license.
2.      Each pawn shop was audited on three Regional Automated Property Information Database (RAPID) transaction forms to verify all information was correctly filled out, including the name of item, description, serial number, model number, gem stone description if applicable.
3.      Several items in each business are pulled from inventory to verify the paperwork associated with each item was correct.
Pawn shops must have a 30 day hold on any items pawned or purchased by the store.  All items are required to be entered into the RAPID program per Florida State Statue.  The RAPID computerized system allows investigators to check pawn shop inventories against property that is reported stolen in criminal cases. Investigators complete inspections every quarter to make sure the pawn shops are in compliance.    

No violations were found on the following businesses in the Lower Keys:

Key West Liquid 8 Pawn Shop
Real Deal Pawn Shop
Key West Pawn Shop
Florida Keys Jewelry and Pawn
Southernmost Pawn Shop
Jeff’s Gems
Blue Sophia Jewelry
Molly’s Pawn Shop

Paradise Recycling

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