May 10, 2016

Key Largo man also charged with fraud

A Key Largo man arrested Saturday for a business burglary in the Upper Keys was also charged with an outstanding warrant for forging three checks he stole from an elderly woman and cashing them.

The 75 year old Key Largo victim told Deputy Christopher Kilmurray she wrote a check to 28 year old Scott Prior for $400 to help him out on April 8th. On April 18th, she got a call from her bank. They were concerned because Prior had come in to the bank four times in the past 10 days, each time cashing a check for $400. The victim told them she’d only written one check to him; she subsequently discovered three checks missing from her checkbook.

A warrant was issued for Prior’s arrest and when he was arrested for a business burglary in Key Largo on Saturday, he was subsequently charged with three counts of grand theft from a person over 65 years of age and three counts of forgery.

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