May 16, 2016

Key West man charged with graffiti

 A Key West man was arrested Thursday, charged with painting large amounts of graffiti on the Loop Road Bridge on Sugarloaf Key.

On May 3rd just before 5 p.m., Deputy Richard Wang responded to Sugarloaf Boulevard to a report of a group of men spray painting graffiti on the Loop Road Bridge. The caller said she saw a white male with long blonde hair painting the bridge with green spray paint. She said another white male was watching as he did it.

When Deputy Wang arrived at the entrance to the road that leads to the bridge, he found two men who fit the caller’s description. One of the men, 36 year old Terrance Delahanty, had fresh green spray paint on his chest and on his hands. When confronted by the deputy he admitted to painting the bridge. He told the deputy he only painted “a very small area” of the bridge. After documenting his conversation with Delahanty, Deputy Wang let him go until he could investigate the damage to the bridge in more detail.

When Deputy Wang was able to access the area of the bridge several days later, he found a very large area of the bridge painted with the same color paint that had been on Delahanty’s hands and chest. The damage to the bridge was estimated to be more than $500.

A warrant was issued for Delahanty for criminal mischief and he was picked up on the warrant on Thursday and was booked into jail.

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