June 29, 2016

Marathon man charged with burglary, theft, dealing in stolen property

A Marathon man stole items from a neighbor’s home and pawned them at a local pawn shop. He was charged with the crimes Tuesday.

The owner of the stolen property called the Sheriff’s Office June 18th. He said a number of items had been stolen from inside his locked trailer, parked at the rear of his property on 26th Street in Marathon. He told Sgt. Joel Slough he left town June 3rd and left the only key with a neighbor, Brandon Geiger, who was working on his lawn. He said he told Geiger to lock the trailer after he was done. He said when he returned from out of town on June 8th, the trailer was locked, but the items were gone, including a floor jack, fishing rod, two fishing reels and a leaf blower.

Sgt. Slough checked pawn shop records and found the leaf blower had been pawned by Geiger; when he went to the pawn shop, he asked the owner if he knew anything about a floor jack. The owner said he remembered someone offering to sell him a floor jack recently but he said he could not remember who it was. An employee of the shop said he sent the person to Muffler Man in Marathon. Sgt. Slough went to Muffler Man. The owner said he bought a floor jack from someone recently. The floor jack turned out to be the one that was stolen from the victim.

Geiger was easy to locate as he was already in jail. He’d been arrested on June 12th for DUI and resisting arrest. Sgt. Slough additionally charged him with burglary, grand theft and two counts of dealing in stolen property.

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