July 20, 2016

Attempted murder suspect returned to Monroe County to face charges

A Big Coppitt Key man wanted for attempted murder was arrested in Miami-Dade County July 18th. He was returned to Monroe County today to face the charges against him.

26 year old Yordan Alvarez is accused of striking the victim in the neck with a broken bottle on February 7th of this year. The incident took place at 316 Avenue D on Big Coppitt Key. The victim – 39 year old Oleimys Abal Clemente – was airlifted to Jackson Memorial’s Ryder Trauma Center for the injury, a cut to his side of his neck which was judged by medical personnel to be life threatening. He has since recovered from his injuries.

The victim told detectives he was visiting his sister’s house when Alvarez attacked him. He hit the victim on the head with a bottle, breaking it and causing a laceration on the victim’s forehead. He then slashed the victim on the throat with the bottle. Alvarez’ cousin, Amaury Alvarez was also on the scene when the attack occurred. While the victim’s throat was being slashed with the bottle, Amaury struck him in the face. The victim later told detectives he believed the punch to the face deflected the bottle and kept the cut from being more serious than it was. Amaury was arrested March 19th in Hernando County, Florida on an outstanding warrant for battery in connection with the case.

The victim’s sister told detectives she walked outside just in time to see her brother on the ground and the two men running away from the scene. She was able to identify the two men whom she said she knows well because at the time of the attack, they were both living on the same property as her.

Yordan Alvarez is in the Monroe County jail. Bond on the attempted murder warrant is set at $50,000.

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