July 27, 2016

Bondsman charged with open carry of firearm

A bondsman was arrested Tuesday for openly carrying a firearm.

On July 8th, the Sheriff’s Office responded to the Circle K store at the 92.7 mile marker of the highway. The clerk told Deputy Paul Rocha she was concerned about a man who had come in the store wearing two badges she said looked like police badges and with a gun in a holster on his hip and another tucked in the back of his pants. She became more alarmed after he said “in light of recent events if you have any problems or anyone resists just shoot them.”

Deputy Rocha reviewed surveillance footage from the store and saw the man on the video. He was wearing a black polo shirt, jeans, had the guns and the badges as described by the clerk. The man was also wearing handcuffs and a Taser.

Deputy Rocha was able to identify the man as 44 year old Vernon Jones, of Miami, a bondsman who operates in the Florida Keys.

A warrant was obtained for his arrest. On Tuesday he was booked into jail on charges of open carrying of a firearm.

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