July 3, 2016

Caregiver for the elderly and sick stealing instead

A woman acting as caregiver for two Upper Keys women was caught stealing from one of them and using the other’s name in the process.

A 94 year old Key Largo woman called the Sheriff’s Office after receiving a letter from her bank saying she’d tried to cash a check on a frozen account. She said she never tried to cash a check, so she knew something was wrong.

Deputy Deanna Torres went to Capital Bank at the 99 mile marker and discovered the check had been written to the 94 year old on the account of another woman who lives in Islamorada. The two women are not acquainted with one another. The bank was very cooperative and told the deputy they, also were investigating the case, which is why they’d frozen the account. Deputy Torres contacted the Islamorada woman to look into it further.

That woman told Deputy Torres a former care giver of hers, 52 year old Nancy Bevis, may have been the one who took her checks and tried to cash them. When she looked, she discovered two of her checks were missing.

Further investigation at the bank revealed Bevis was, indeed, the person who tried to cash the check on the frozen account. She also made a mobile deposit into her own bank account using the other check stolen from the Islamorada victim.  Deputy Torres discovered Bevis, who had been acting as care giver for the Islamorada woman was now acting as a care giver for the 94 year old woman in Key Largo.

A warrant was issued for Bevis and on Saturday, she was arrested on the warrant. Charges include grand theft from a person 65 years of age or older; theft and uttering forged checks.

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