July 10, 2016

Four charged with burglary

Four young Stock Island men were arrested for the early morning burglary of a home on 12th Avenue.

An alert neighbor heard glass breaking next door just after 3 a.m. today. He looked outside and saw a broken window and flashlights inside the home. As he was looking, he saw a black Toyota Camry pull up and saw three men wearing black clothing run from the house and get into the car, which fled the area toward 5th Street. He was able to get the last two digits of the car’s license tag. He called all of the information in to Sheriff’s dispatchers.

Deputy Wendy Negron was in the area and spotted the car. It matched the description and had the same last two numbers on the tag. She pulled it over at 3rd Avenue and 5th Street. When Deputy Alexandria Davis arrived on the scene, the two deputies identified the four men inside as 23 year old Julio Lot, 18 year old Carl Nicolas and two juvenile males aged 17 and 15. All four were dressed in black clothing. Lot, the driver, gave permission for the deputies to search the car. Inside, they found an Xbox, a BB gun and Nike sandals all of which had been stolen from the 12th Avenue home that had been burglarized. A number of other items were found in the car, including marijuana, brand new RayBan sunglasses, an IPad and some headphones. These were all taken as part of the ongoing investigation into the young men’s activities. Flashlights and latex gloves were also found which were believed to have been used to perpetrate the burglary.

All four young men were arrested. They were charged with criminal mischief, burglary, possession of burglary tools and grand theft. The 17 year old told Deputy Negron the marijuana in the car was his so he was additionally charged with possession of marijuana.

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