July 25, 2016

Marathon man arrested Saturday for stealing truck

A Marathon man was arrested Saturday after he stole his girlfriend’s truck.

The owner of the 2006 GMC truck called the Sheriff’s Office on Saturday to report her truck stolen. She said she knew her boyfriend, 46 year old Roger Green, stole the truck because she saw him driving it.

She said she and her sister went out on Saturday evening; she said Green found her in a local bar and asked to borrow the truck. She said she refused because she knew his license was suspended. She said when she got to her 107th Street home later that night, the truck was gone from her house. She discovered money missing from the house as well. The money was kept in a large 5 gallon plastic water bottle, which had been taken from inside the house.

She said she drove around town and spotted him driving the truck. She tried to follow him but lost him. She called the Sheriff’s Office and Deputy William Daniels responded. While the deputy was at her house taking a report, the victim reviewed surveillance video. Green was on the video walking out of her house carrying something; the video shows him leaving the house driving the truck.

While Deputy Daniels was still with the victim, Deputy Orlando Alvarez spotted the truck northbound at the 49 mile marker of the highway at 11 p.m. He pulled it over. Green was driving. A check on his name revealed his license was suspended. A large plastic jar of cash was in the back seat of the truck.

Green was arrested. He was charged with driving with license suspended, grand theft and grand theft of a vehicle. He was booked into jail.

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