July 13, 2016

Two charged with burglary

Two Stock Island women were arrested today for a burglary that took place at a Stock Island residence on March 31st.

The victim lives on 2nd Terrace. He told deputies he and his wife left the house in the morning and locked the doors. When they returned that evening, they found the house in disarray and many items stolen including a large amount of jewelry, a gun, sunglasses, several purses, an Apple MacBook, an iPad, a PlayStation, an Xbox, a safe and miscellaneous identification documents.

On June 13th, Detectives David Cruz and Spencer Curry got a call from the victim. He said he was checking his iCloud Shared photo album on his cell phone. He said he found a photo taken with his stolen iPad uploaded to the album. The picture was a woman who he recognized as his neighbor, 23 year old Shakiya Cruz. She was sitting on a bed looking through a black colored safe he recognized as his, which had been stolen in the burglary. The photo was dated the day of the burglary, March 31st at 11:24 a.m. The geographical tag on the photo  showed it was taken at an apartment where Cruz and a woman named Ashley Grinion were confirmed to have been staying.

A search warrant was served at that apartment on June 15th. Cruz and Grinion were not there at the time, but several items related to the burglary were found inside; some of the furnishings in the apartment also matched those depicted in the photo.

Warrants were obtained for the two women charging them with burglary, grand theft and grand theft of a firearm. They were both booked into jail today on those charges.

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