August 4, 2016

Deputy continues to tackle illegal fishing

Deputy Seth Hopp cited two people over the past two days for resource violations.

On Thursday he was on bike patrol at the Long Key Bridge at 2 a.m. when he found 49 year old Dexter Campbell of Opalocka, Florida fishing at the north end of the bridge. A check of Campbell’s cooler revealed a number of fish in the cooler.
There were five schoolmaster snapper, three mangrove snapper and three lane snapper in the cooler, all of which were undersized. Campbell was charged with the resource violations and will received a notice to appear in court.

Just after midnight today, Deputy Hopp was on patrol when he checked Tom’s Harbor Cut Bridge. He found 41 year old Rodney Baldwin Jr. of Bonaire, Georgia  fishing on the bridge. In Baldwin’s cooler, he found 16 Porkfish in the cooler. All the fish were dead and gutted; fishing regulations require Porkfish be kept alive. Baldwin was cited for the resource violations and received a notice to appear in court.

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