August 7, 2016

Man charged with fraudulent credit cards

A Key Largo man was arrested Saturday, charged with using fraudulent credit cards.

Deputy Garrett Test responded to Hog Heaven Sports Bar on Saturday at 7:45 p.m. The manager of the bar called to report a man using a fraudulent card in the bar. The manager told Deputy Test a man had used a credit card to pay and when the manager called the bank to check the card, he found the man using the card was not, in fact, the owner of the card.

Deputy Test met with the suspect, 35 year old Joseph Arnone, who was still on the premises. When confronted with the information about the fraudulent card, Arnone admitted he’d purchased it on line and knew it was not legitimate.

Detective Jacques Rozek responded to the scene. Several more cards were found in his possession that, when checked, were also fraudulent.

Arnone was arrested. He was charged with possession and use of fraudulent credit cards and he was booked into jail.

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