September 3, 2016

Miami men charged with illegal lobster, fish

On Friday afternoon Marine Deputy William Guerra was on routine patrol in the area of Toms Harbor Channel when he saw Miami resident Luis Del Rosario, 54, walking from the shore line carrying a bag. Upon contacting Del Rosario and checking the bag, Deputy Guerra found 11 speared lobster, nine of which were undersized and a illegally speared Parrot fish.

Another man who was with Del Rosario, 45 year old Alexis Penate of Miami, was still swimming in the water. Upon seeing Deputy Guerra with Del Rosario, Alexis swam down with his makeshift lobster spear and attempted to hide it. Deputy Guerra jumped into the water and retrieved it.

 Deputy Guerra requested backup. Marine Deputy James Hager was on the water nearby and responded to assist.
Alexis was arrested by Dep. Hager for obstruction.

Luis was arrested by Dep Guerra for possession of undersize spiny lobster, possession of over the limit spiny lobster, possession of speared spiny lobster,  possession of a speared Parrotfish, possession of parrot fish greater than 12 inches.

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