September 29, 2016

Two charged with drug warrants

Two Key West residents were arrested Wednesday, charged with outstanding warrants related to sale of Oxycodone.

The warrants stem from an incident in April; an  undercover operative purchased Oxycodone and cocaine at a home on Flagler Avenue in Key West. The sale was facilitated by both 50 year old Odalys Delisle and 56 year old Gerardo Cutino.

After the sale took place, warrants were issued for their arrest. On Wednesday, detectives from the Sheriff’s Special Operations Unit arrested Delisle and Cutino; they were charged with sale of the two illegal substances. Because the Flagler Avenue residence is within 1000 feet of Grace Luthern Church and School, the charges carry an enhanced penalty. When he was arrested, Cutino had cocaine in his possession so he was further charged with possessing cocaine.

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