September 16, 2016

Woman arrested for warrant, drugs and resisting arrest

A Rockland Key woman was arrested for having an outstanding warrant, possessing drugs and fighting with deputies Thursday afternoon on Summerland Key.

The bartender at the Wharf Bar called the Sheriff’s Office just before 4 p.m. because 32 year old Kristin Plante was reportedly causing a scene in the bar and refusing to leave when he asked her to. He told responding Deputy Freddy Rodriguez he believed Plante was under the influence of cocaine because she’d gone in the restroom and come out with white powder on her face. By the time deputies arrived, she’d left the bar.

Deputy Rodriguez located Plante walking near the First State Bank on Summerland Key. When he checked on her through Sheriff’s Office computers, she had an outstanding warrant for her arrest for violating the terms of her conditional release ref. two counts of felony theft. When he informed her of the warrant, she told him she was not going to jail and she ran away from him. As she was running, she tripped and fell face-first onto the sidewalk.

Deputies Seth Hopp and Austin Hopp arrived to assist. An ambulance was called to assist as well. Plante fought with the deputies as they attempted to take her into custody. She was bleeding from injuries to her face, so after she was handcuffed, she was transported by ambulance to Lower Keys Hospital.

Plante fought with paramedics in the ambulance and continued to fight once she got to the hospital. At the hospital, at one point, she was able to break away from deputies who were restraining her. She ran away from them and ran face-first into the emergency room doors before they gain control of her.

She was finally cleared by the hospital for transport to jail. In her purse, deputies found white powder and a green leafy substance which tested positive for cocaine and marijuana. She was charged with possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana and two counts each of battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest with violence.

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