October 25, 2016

Two charged with false IDs, fraudulent credit cards

A Hialeah couple is in jail for having fake driver’s licenses and fraudulent credit cards.

Deputy Matthew Cory was on patrol in Marathon at 9:40 a.m. today when he saw a gray colored Mercedes SUV driving erratically. As he watched the vehicle, it turned off of the highway and he followed, finding it parked on the west side of a business in the vicinity of 76th Street. One of the doors was open and he saw a man in the driver’s seat. Deputy Cory approached the man, identifying him as 38 year old Michel Gonzales Suarez. With Suarez was 20 year old Beatriz Morales Saladriga. Deputy David Fernandez responded to the scene to assist.

Suarez told deputies they traveled to the Keys to get out of town together. He said Saladriga was his girlfriend and he did not want his wife to find out about their relationship.

Deputies obtained permission to search Suarez, Saladriga and the vehicle. In the vehicle and in the couple’s possession, the deputies found numerous credit cards that did not belong to them; they also located two driver’s licenses with Suarez’ picture on it, but with someone else’s name on them. A number of the credit cards had the same name as the false identification.

Inside the vehicle, deputies also found 12 plastic grocery bags with various types of cigarettes inside; receipts for the cigarettes were found in the vehicle. Detectives will be continuing to investigate the case to see if the cigarettes were purchased with the false credit cards, using the fake IDs.

Suarez and Saladriga were both charged with fraud – possession of a forged or stolen driver’s license and with trafficking in counterfeited credit cards.  More charges may be pending.

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