November 8, 2016

Death investigation continues

Detectives continue to investigate the death of a Tavernier woman.

At 10:30 a.m. Monday, 47 year old Jade Dixon’s live-in boyfriend, Jeremy Stigler, came to the Sheriff’s substation on Plantation Key to report she was dead at their home at 186 Atlantic Circle Drive in Tavernier. Deputies and detectives responded to the home and found her face down on the bed in the couple’s bedroom. There was no obvious cause for her death. An autopsy is being done today on her body.

Investigators say the last time their investigation can find evidence she was seen alive is in the early morning hours on Sunday. Deputies responded to the Atlantic Circle Drive home at 11 p.m. Saturday after Stigler called to report she was throwing things and had a knife to her own throat.  She was transported to Mariner’s Hospital that night and was released from the hospital in the early morning hours Sunday.

Investigations continue into the cause of her death.

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