November 1, 2016

Miami man arrested for fleeing police

A Miami man who refused to stop for two deputies was caught when he pulled into an RV resort in Islamorada.

28 year old Alejandro Rodriguez was on a motorcycle, traveling at a high rate of speed at 10:30 p.m. Monday when he was spotted southbound by Deputy Eric Viergutz at the 80 mm. When the deputy attempted to stop the motorcycle, it fled from him, passing vehicles in the center turn lane to escape from the deputy pursuing him.

Due to the danger of continuing to chase the motorcycle, Deputy Viergutz turned off his lights and siren and radioed ahead to other deputies to watch out for the vehicle.

Deputy Mark Martin was northbound at the 74 mm when he saw the motorcycle traveling at 100 miles per hour southbound. He also attempted to stop the motorcycle with no success and finally quit chasing it due to the dangers involved.

Detention Deputy Zachery Gilroy, in a prisoner transport vehicle, was monitoring radio traffic, heard about the fleeing motorcycle and saw the same motorcycle turn off the highway into the Fiesta Key RV Resort at the 70 mile marker of the highway. He radioed the motorcycle’s location. Deputies Seth Hopp and Joshua Baer responded and located the motorcycle’s driver – Rodriguez – with the help of the security guard at the entrance. Rodriguez was arrested. He was taken to jail, charged with speeding, improper use of the center turn lane and fleeing from police.

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