December 21, 2016

More charges in Sugarloaf burglaries

Detectives say they have brought more charges against a suspect in connection with burglaries which took place on Sugarloaf Key at the end of November.

There were at least two attempted burglaries and four actual burglaries that took place around the same time on Sugarloaf Key and on Bay Point, all of which are believed to be connected.

22 year old Yurisandro Leon was originally arrested on December 15th in connection with an attempted burglary on Banyan Lane, Sugarloaf Key. Detectives arrested him after receiving  a Crime Stoppers tip. He has now been charged with two more counts of burglary, another count of criminal mischief and with grand theft in connection with burglaries on Bonefish Lane West and Hawksbill Lane.

A car found on property where Leon lives on Hansen Trail, Sugarloaf Key was searched at the time of his first arrest. Detectives found property which connected him to a burglary in the city of Key West. Leon cooperated with detectives from the Sheriff’s Office and Key West Police, and assisted them in their investigations. As a result, detectives have identified two other suspects in the burglaries.

16 year old Ignacio Valdez, who was charged by Key West Police with burglary and grand theft is believed to have been involved in the Sugarloaf Key and Bay Point burglaries with Leon; detectives are still investigating his involvement and charges may be pending against him. He is currently being held in a juvenile facility in Miami on a 21 day hold.

18 year old Josue Forno was arrested on December 13th on Stock Island after he was stopped by Deputy Lazaro Valdez and found to be in possession of a controlled substance – 47 Tramadol pills for which he had no prescription; he also had Marijuana and drug paraphernalia. He also is a suspect believed to have been involved in the Sugarloaf and Bay Point burglaries. His connection is still being investigated.

This investigation is ongoing. Detectives are still processing tips, evidence and information in connection with the cases.

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