December 5, 2016

Woman arrested for animal cruelty

A Marathon woman was arrested Sunday for choking a six month old Siberian Husky in front of witnesses.

Those witnesses told Deputy Joshua Baer the incident took place on November 20th . They said they found the female, Lulu, wandering near Aviation Boulevard in Marathon. They recognized the dog and knew she belonged at Coconut Cay Apartments.

They took the dog home and returned her to 45 year old Diana Linares, who is the mother of the dog’s owner. After they returned the dog, they saw a man at the apartment lift the dog by her front paws and hit her with a knee to her chest several times. They then saw Linares repeatedly pick the dog up by the collar, lifting her completely off the ground and choking her. She choked her repeatedly for up to 30 – 60 seconds at a time.

The two witnesses managed to talk Linares into giving them back the dog. They took the dog to Marathon Veterinary Clinic for an examination. The dog had sustained an injury to one of her eyes which the veterinarian said was due to either asphyxiation or blunt force trauma.

Animal Control responded to the clinic and referred the animal abuse case to the Sheriff’s Office for investigation. A warrant was obtained for Linares who was booked into jail on Sunday, charged with cruelty to animals.

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