January 22, 2017

Homeless man faces multiple burglary and theft charges

A 54 year old homeless man was arrested Saturday. He is accused of burglarizing several boats at Strike Zone Charters on Big Pine Key.

Deputy Ken Fricke responded to the business on Friday after the owner reported catching 54 year old Bart Hesson rummaging through boats on the property and taking items. He said he confronted Hesson and told him to leave the area. He snapped a photo of Hesson as he left and then called the Sheriff’s Office to report it.

Deputy Fricke searched for Hesson in the area but could not find him. The following day, Deputy Fricke responded back to the charter business. The owner said video surveillance of the property showed Hesson returning to the property and going through more boats. He is also shown on video trying to pry open a shed door. The shed has an alarm, which went off and interrupted the attempt.  He said he thinks Hesson slept on one of the boats because he found a bed made out of towels.

Deputy Fricke found Hesson at Winn Dixie Plaza on Big Pine Key later on Saturday. Hesson was caught leaving the Winn Dixie store without paying for a Foster’s beer he had in his pocket. Hesson admitted to going on to boats on both days and taking items from them that did not belong to him. He was charged with four counts of burglary, four counts of theft and one count of attempted burglary. He was also charged with theft of the beer from the store.

Hesson was booked into jail.

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