January 25, 2017

Two charged with home invasion robbery

Two brothers were arrested Tuesday, charged with home invasion robbery.

Deputies Matt Dowling, Freddy Rodriguez and Lazaro Valdes responded to a trailer at 6500 Maloney Avenue, #28 at 11:30 a.m. and met with the 23 year old  victim who was bleeding from injuries to his head. He told them two men had just robbed him and pistol whipped him with a black semi-automatic handgun. He was able to identify his attackers as 32 year old Orlando Grimon of Stock Island and 26 year old Alain Menendez who is from West Palm Beach. He said he recognized Grimon from pervious contacts. He said Menendez was wearing a mask to disguise himself, but he recognized his voice as Grimon’s brother, Menendez. He said Menendez had a gun, demanded money, and they stole $1,500 in cash from him.

A witness said she saw the two men get into a black four door vehicle parked in front of the trailer. She said at the time she saw them, one was wearing a mask and carrying a handgun.

Grimon is on probation and wears an ankle bracelet. The GPS on the bracelet confirmed he’d been in that location on Stock Island at the time of the robbery. A further check on the current  location of the bracelet showed it to be at a residence on Verde Drive, Big Coppitt Key. Deputies Jenna Moeller and Dyllon Hansen responded to that location, assisted by an agent from Homeland Security and an FHP trooper. They found Grimon at the home and placed him under arrest. They then found Menendez hiding in a shower at the residence and placed him under arrest as well.

Both men were charged with Home Invasion Robbery. Menendez, who was the one armed with a handgun during the robbery, was also charged with aggravated battery for pistol whipping the victim. Grimon was charged with being a principle to the crime. They were booked into jail. The gun used in the crime was recovered and charges related to its possession are pending.

The victim was taken to the hospital for treatment of his injuries.

During the course of investigating the home invasion robbery, drugs were found inside the victim’s home as well as inside the house where the suspects were arrested. Search warrants were obtained for both residences and were served by detectives with the Sheriff’s Special Investigations Unit. Those drug investigations are continuing. Charges are pending against both the victim of the home invasion robbery, against Grimon and Menendez, as well as some others connected with the Big Coppitt home.

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