February 14, 2017

Key Largo woman charged with fraud

A Key Largo woman was arrested after she was caught stealing and using another woman’s credit card information.

The suspect, 39 year old Michele Moser, works at a Key Largo restaurant that takes on line orders. The victim told Deputy Dave Campbell she placed an order at that restaurant and soon after, someone used her credit card to order pizza for delivery. She contacted the pizza restaurant and was given the address where the pizza was delivered. It was a home on La Paloma Road, where suspect Moser lives.

Deputy Campbell went to the restaurant where Moser works and the manager was cooperative, showing the deputy video of the transaction where the victim called in to make an order. The video shows Moser taking the order. The credit card information is routinely printed out from a printer under the register. The employee who handles the transaction is supposed to process the card for payment, then use a black marker to cover all the credit card information on the receipt. In the video, Moser appears to take a picture of the credit card information. This is one way of acquiring credit card information for fraud purposes.

It is shortly after this happens that the victim’s card is used for the pizza delivery to Moser’s house.

A warrant was obtained for the arrest of Moser. She was picked up on Monday and charged with  fraudulent use of a credit card and use or possession of another person’s identification without their consent.

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