February 3, 2017

Man arrested for threatening behavior

A Canadian man was arrested Thursday night when he threatened to hit another man with a brush from a barbecue grill.

The two men were staying at adjacent campsites at the Fiesta Key campground. The suspect, Daniel Fournier was intoxicated and numerous witnesses said he’d been harassing his neighbors in the campsite next door throughout the day. Security at the campground finally called the Sheriff’s Office after he made threats to hit another man with a large barbecue grill brush. The brush had a sharp scraper on one side and Fournier reportedly held it over his head as if to hit the other man.

The Security officer requested Fournier and his wife be asked to leave the campground. They said the couple could take a taxi to a hotel for the night and return for their belongings in the morning.

Fournier refused to listen when Deputy Seth Hopp told him he would have to leave or be arrested. He was given numerous warnings. Deputy Hopp finally grabbed Fournier by the arm in an attempt to place him in handcuffs and under arrest. Fournier fought with the deputy, struggling to escape from his control.

Fournier was arrested. He was charged with aggravated assault, disorderly intoxication and resisting arrest. He was booked into jail.

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